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LIVING ECO-FRIENDLY: Ideas for in-Covid and post-Covid Worlds

Covid-19 has affected nearly every single household on our planet. Whether it’s the businesses or schools, salons or restaurants, parks or tourist places, everything got affected all around the world and most have suffered sad consequences. There is no doubt that the virus has impacted how we behave and the less we change, the more the virus would spread, making our lives more complicated than ever. But throwing off the negative thoughts and keeping the positive ones, gave us all a worth implementing lesson to save our planet. That lesson clearly warns how our life would be with billions of non-compostable plastics-piles in oceans and all around the landscapes if we do not practice a sustainable, green lifestyle. The current...

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Best Ideas for Eco Friendly Gifts in 2021- Sustainable and Green Lifestyle

One would find it hard to disagree that 2020 was an interesting year. For us in the UK, the top highlights were, without a doubt, Covid-19 Coronavirus and Brexit. While most of us are still attempting to stabilise from the shocks of these two, especially the former topic, there is also some positive to cheer such as the renewed focus on Sustainability and Environment to ensure a more sustainable and environment-friendly economic recovery. At an individual’s level, possessing the awareness of environmental issues, living a sustainable, green lifestyle, seems to be a worthy donation to our planet! What is a green lifestyle? Green living is just a modern version of the lifestyle our ancestors have had lived hundreds of years...

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Going beyond the Trendy stuff, bargain prices, and Free delivery

We all love comfort zones - sitting on a nice comfy recliner sofa watching our favourite series on Netflix ... and.. ordering our favourite stuff from 'reliable' online retailers. Last time I went to buy a product from a major online retailer, all I did was to look at the star rating greater than 4.5, and the top few reviews that proved the seller & the product has solved 'the problems' of their lives. When I received the product, it didn't deserve half of that praise and rating. Reviews are seldom what they seem! AAU Style was a result of many lessons we learnt not just while selling products, but also as a customer. We have, very proudly, devised our...

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