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Best Ideas for Eco Friendly Gifts in 2022- Sustainable and Green Lifestyle

One would find it hard to disagree that last 2 years have been very interesting. For us in the UK, the top highlights were, without a doubt, Covid-19 Coronavirus and Brexit. While most of us are still attempting to stabilise from the impacts of these two, especially the former topic, there is also some positive to cheer such as the renewed focus on Sustainability and Environment to ensure a more sustainable, environment-friendly economic recovery with a special emphasis in reducing our impact on nature. At an individual’s level, possessing the awareness of environmental issues, living a sustainable, green lifestyle, seems to be a worthy donation to our planet!

What is a green lifestyle?

Green living is just a modern version of the lifestyle our ancestors have had lived hundreds of years ago. It involves an upgrade of the “natural version” to every single component of your lifestyle, whether it’s about the dress you wear 24/7, the accessories you use in your kitchen or the gifts you give to your loved ones on their special occasions such as birthday, anniversary etc. To save our planet from environmental damage, one must avail every opportunity to do so, especially those opportunities which help others learn about the green lifestyle, such as the opportunity of giving Eco-friendly gifts. Takeaway a bunch of ideas for eco-friendly gifts from this blog!

Why should one keep Eco-friendly gift ideas?

The gift ideas seem like the promotion of the green lifestyle. The better the gift ideas will be, the more people will get inspired by the Eco-friendly lifestyle. Your friend might love the gift you gave her / him just because it not only serves as a present, but as a great favour to our planet too. Besides that, it also helps the less aware people to get a mindset of the green lifestyle and make them implement it, and that’s why Eco-friendly gift ideas are worth having.

Where in the world are those best Eco-friendly gifts?

Based on the latest and trending gift ideas, we provide varieties of Eco-friendly gifts online on which are worth giving to any of your family & friends. You might find it hard not to buy Eco-friendly gifts for kids, teenagers, & adults from our collections once you take a glance over Eco-friendly gifts discounts, on our site!

Some of our best eco friendly gifts include a 6-in-1 solar toy, 3D wooden puzzle, biodegradable iPhone case, and burlap gift bags to place inside whatsoever you’ll buy.

Eco friendly Gifts:

3D Wooden Puzzle:

3D DIY puzzles are a great way to engage both young and older kids. These creative puzzles help build their focus, logic and confidence but also build their learning and imagination. These have been a favourite game for children all around the world. At, we promote these as they are Eco-friendly.

Wooden puzzle is an interesting, yet IQ-developing gift out of one of our best Eco-friendly gifts for kids, teenagers, and adults. This puzzle represents different objects in a 3-dimensional structure, where some puzzles seem to be easy because of the simple structure of the object, while some of them are of a high-difficulty level and could be solved by adults only. Some of the shapes available in our portfolio are listed below:

  1. 3D wooden puzzle airship
  2. 3D wooden puzzle hot-air balloon
  3. 3D wooden puzzle pumpkin cart
  4. 3D wooden puzzle gramophone

The puzzles, however, are so Eco-friendly as their manufacturing material wood is an all-time natural resource and can be harvested easily with its high growth rate.

Buy a 3D woodcraft assembly kit as a gift to your loved one and let them enjoy this game by assembling the pieces all together, or you might want to join them and build it as a team. You can even paint these and use as a decoration item. Wooden puzzles such as Pumpkin Cart, Hot-air Balloon and Gramophone, after being assembled can serve as beautiful showpieces too. DIY woodcraft kits for teenagers and adults are available in our store at an affordable price with Free Delivery.

Eco-friendly Gift Pouches:

These mini eco-friendly gift bags are made up of coarse canvas fabric, usually what sacks are made up of. The fabric is generally woven from jute fibres, which is a natural substantial crop. This Eco-friendly natural fibre crop besides being biodegradable, can easily be afforded by the entire world’s population due to its fast-growth and easing-growing process. Moreover, these bags with an average life cycle of around 4 years are reusable and environmentally much better than plastic bags, which do not undergo decomposition.

Because of their aesthetic looks, these Eco-friendly bags could be served as gift bags too. Place your gift inside these mini gift bags, or you can gift this bag itself as a present too to your environment-conscious friends and family

You can easily make one at your home and use a bunch of ideas to give it an aesthetic look:

  1. Get a large piece of coarse canvas fabric.
  2. Cut two same-sized pieces and place them onto each other.
  3. Sew the bottom, right, and left sides, placing the two pieces together, using needle and linen thread.
  4. Holding the upper part of the bag, tie using a ribbon or a piece of rope.
  5. Stamping the front part with acrylic paint, sticking a lace at the bottom part, or making your signature at the front using a black marker can just magically enhance the bag's look.

Or you can buy burlap gift bags with a READY-MADE aesthetic look on our site at a very reasonable price. The bag itself will make your loved one excited to check the present inside!

Use these for Birthday Goodie Bags, and you can serve these bags as favour bags for your guests, too. Tie cards with a thank-you message around the ribbons of those favour bags and enjoy an Eco-friendly event!

You can get a bundle of “wedding” favour bags too at our store, at a very affordable price.

Wind Energy Learner’s Kit:

Historically, windmills served the purpose of grinding grains and pumping water. In today’s world, wind energy has come into a positive use as it produces mechanical energy through wind turbines, which will then generate electrical energy. In short, wind as a sustainable resource can produce electricity with the help of wind turbines. These wind turbines, typically with three blades on the top of a long tower follow the direction of the wind and harness its energy. It has been playing a major role to save our environment since 1888 and would serve as a source of electricity in the upcoming decades too. Historically located on vast countryside land, most large wind turbine farms are now built offshore in the sea and their electricity is transmitted to land via sub-sea power cables.

Our Wind energy learner’s kit would be a perfect gift for the kids of this generation, which would not only make them aware of its importance but also help them understand the technical aspects of the process. This small kit contains mini-sized components of a basic wind turbine machine, which on setting up illustrates the concept of this technology. This renewable-energy educational gadget produces awareness in kids about the constant technological change and gives them ideas of substantial methods to save the environment.

Get a micro wind turbine generator kit for kids at an affordable price from our online store!

How to set up the mini Wind Turbine kit:

You’ll find four pieces inside the kit, a 2.36 inches fan, a wind energy generator, small Led light bulbs, and a connecting wire.

  1. Fix the pointed part of the dynamo generator into the small whole present on the centre of the fan.
  2. Connect one end of the connecting wire to the dynamo generator while the other end with the wires of led bulbs.
  3. Take the micro wind turbine in front of a pedestal fan or to a windy place.
  4. The mechanical energy which makes the fan spin around will then lighten the bulbs with the help of a generator.
  5. Use this natural light free of any electricity-cost.

Buy one as a present for your kid now!

Besides this, renewable-energy gadgets for home like a solar car are also available in our store.

Biodegradable iPhone Cases:

To save the planet from long-living waste piles, nowadays, many companies are producing phone cases made from renewable resources like cork, flax, recycled bottles, recycled disks, and plant-based materials. An Eco-friendly iPhone case gift will make a special place in your Eco-conscious loved one’s heart or help build their awareness.

Our online store is filled with eco friendly stuff such as biodegradable iPhone cases at a very affordable price which will not only protect the phone from scratches, but also our environment from ecological problems. 

Here is the variety of materials that Eco-friendly iPhone cases can be made of:

  1. iPhone cases made from recycled plastics of an ocean.
  2. iPhone cases made with a combination of flax straw.

iii. iPhone cases made using recycled bottles.

  1. iPhone cases made from cork.
  2. iPhone cases made up of wood or bamboo.

In our store, we have a biodegradable iPhone cases suitable for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and is made up of below material:

Soil 30%, Onions 7.5%, Carrots 7.5%, Pepper 7.5%, Sawdust 1.5%, Rice 18%, Soybeans 18%, Wheat 10%

Get the one that will make your loved one excited to use it!

Kids Mini Solar Powered Toy Car:

Another educational gift you can buy for a kid from our Eco-friendly toys collection is a solar-powered toy car. A mini 3V solar panel is fixed on the upper side of this car and unlike other moving toy cars; it does not possess any battery. This smallest solar-power mini toy car is designed in a way that on getting strong sunlight, the car starts moving and runs fast until it reaches a shade.

This educational solar-powered toy is a perfect gift for younger children, as they would love to run behind it when it keeps running under sunlight and stops only on getting into a shady area. 

Moreover, the solar-powered toy car enables the kids to use the toy using their observing and analysing skills. This renewable-energy educational gadget is equipped with a (2.4 x 2.1 cm) solar panel.

Our unique learning gifts such as this solar car, wind turbine kit and DIY 3D Puzzles are fantastic ideas to keep kids busy in house during lockdown and Tier based restrictions!

Giving Eco-friendly gifts generally means giving the gifts which do not cause harm to our environment and are produced from sources that are convenient & affordable for the entire world’s population. However, materials and energies from natural sources are always considered convenient.


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