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About us

Hello lovely soul! 

You are on this website, which shows that you care about the environment and want to make your next purchasing decision based on Style and your Love for the Environment. Thank You :)

My name is Zara, and I launched AAU Style right in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.


Having suffered from a typical wasteful and consumption-based mindset, few would have thought a couple of years ago that I would ever be into eco-friendly and sustainability stuff. But, there is always a turning point! I was inspired by 3 elements:

1. My husband - An engineer on a mission to help large industries become more environment-friendly (and still the greatest support in running this business)

2. My kids Assu, Anshu and Umi - My lovely daughters who are keen to put all waste in home to good use, be it milk bottles, egg boxes, packaging material, or whatever. (Now you know where this A-A-U comes from) ;)

and most importantly..

3. The amazing and insightful documentaries I watched from Sir David Attenborough - especially 'Extinction: The Facts' that opened up my eyes. I wanted to start my own business, I love style, and I care about the world that me and my generations want to live in, and after watching Sir Attenborough, I had no choice but to go for a business idea where I can do everything possible to play my role in protecting the planet.

AAU Style is not just an online store, but a journey that we take our customers on to achieve a sustainable, more habitable world for the generations of ourselves and our co-inhabitants. 

We believe that a sustainable environment can not be achieved by a single line of action, rather through combined efforts by governments, organisations and consumers. At the consumer level, we believe this can be achieved by focusing on 3 key areas:

  • Increase Awareness, through WIIFM (What's in it for Me) Factor
  • Provide viable alternatives to traditional 'not-so-ecofriendly' products
  • Inspire the consumers by making such products Stylish and Trendy

Through our website, we aim to play our role in all 3 areas stated above: increasing awareness through our blogs and social media campaigns; and providing Stylish & Trendy eco-friendly products through our online store. 

​We believe in a realistic mindset and in taking informed, step-by-step approaches towards a safer and sustainable world. We also believe that commitment, collaboration and communication are the keys to achieve success in this mission, and therefore with a strong commitment, we continue to work with our customers and service / product partners along the journey. 

​AAU STYLE is 'Customer- and Environment-Centric'

While there is no shortage on internet of e-stores and shopping platforms with all sorts of products, sadly, most of such providers have either a product-centric, or profit-centric business model. 

Product-centric stores have a product that they want to find the customers for. The products may not always offer the best value or quality. Some (few only) businesses may also target their potential customers with unfair marketing strategies. Have you ever been approached to buy a product and get 100% money back for writing a 5-star review, or, been shown advertisements of products as if you can't live without them even though the product adds no Value to your life. 

​Earning Profit is good, but being Profit-centric is not!

Of course every business is set up to earn money, however, Profit-centric businesses care less about the customer needs, or about ethics of business.. This is when you are sold a product that might benefit you in the short term, but can have unpleasant consequences in the longer term. For example, a profit-centric business may sell you a poor quality product by hiding product features, or sell you a product that does the job but is significantly harmful to the environment. Sadly, these aspects are still very much ignored during product design and manufacturing processes, and often hidden by some great marketing strategies. 

Why AAU? because, AAU Style believes in a good night's sleep for our satisfied customers and our 'responsible' selves. We have a strict Customer-Centric and Environment-Centric business model. We identify products with the right balance between price and quality, and a special focus on product's environmental impact so we can fulfil our ethical duty of being a responsible business. We understand it is not realistic for every single product needed by our customers to be 100% plastic-free, but we aspire to achieve this as we move forward on our journey. With customers as well as product partners all around the world, it is an interesting challenge to keep everyone satisfied, but our Customer-Centric business model keeps us on the toes to offer our customers the best Service before, during and after sales. We also take Customer Feedback very seriously, and believe it is the main building block of our Continuous Improvement activities. 

​There are many Value Creators on our website for our customers, such as eco-friendly products, FREE Delivery, SSL Secured Card Payment, PayPal Payment, 30-day Returns, but more importantly, it is our dedication to serve our customers and our environment that makes us - Different & Better.​

Wish you a happy stay, and a pleasant experience, on AAU Style!