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LIVING ECO-FRIENDLY: Ideas for in-Covid and post-Covid Worlds

Covid-19 has affected nearly every single household on our planet. Whether it’s the businesses or schools, salons or restaurants, parks or tourist places, everything got affected all around the world and most have suffered sad consequences. There is no doubt that the virus has impacted how we behave and the less we change, the more the virus would spread, making our lives more complicated than ever.

But throwing off the negative thoughts and keeping the positive ones, gave us all a worth implementing lesson to save our planet. That lesson clearly warns how our life would be with billions of non-compostable plastics-piles in oceans and all around the landscapes if we do not practice a sustainable, green lifestyle. The current time of Covid-19 is the perfect example that provides us a warning to switch onto a green lifestyle which generally requires just a little effort.

Being an individual who gets to learn from life challenges instead of creating panic, we should really learn to implement a green lifestyle from this pandemic, or it would be too late. And now, when Covid-19 itself is making the earth heal by shutting down the polluting systems and restricting the movement from one place to another, we then ourselves should definitely make efforts to save our planet on individual bases. And that could only be done by getting an eco-friendly living guide and implementing it in real life!

Table of Contents:

  • What is an eco-friendly lifestyle?
  • Why is a green lifestyle worth implementing?
  • Who should implement a green lifestyle?
  • What are the ways to implement green lifestyle in daily life?
  • What are the ways to be eco-friendly during Covid-19
  • What is it like working eco-friendly from home during Covid-19
  • What are the safe options for kids’ school lunch
  • How to keep kids busy during Covid-19
  • How to spend more time with kids during Covid-19

What is an eco-friendly lifestyle?

An eco-friendly lifestyle generally means implementing a lifestyle with reusable, recycled, long-life, natural & convenient products. In this way, by lowering the use of plastic or recycling the non-decomposable stuff, we would save our planet from the excess amount of plastics that unluckily mix up with ocean water or settle down on the earth’s landscape. Besides that, saving water, food, and the electricity that unintentionally goes into waste, is also a part of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Is it really worth to have a green, ecofriendly lifestyle?

Why is a green lifestyle worth implementing?

After facing this pandemic as a practical experience, even a less educated man got to learn how carelessness could harm us and our planet. The eco-friendly lifestyle basically comes with no side effects and generally doesn’t even require that much effort. But when it comes to its benefits, it can just change the world so magically.

Keeping the planet clean from non-compostable trash, maintaining it green by planting all around, and utilising the natural resources instead of polluting the environment by synthesising one, could all be just like providing oxygen to the Earth's planet.

It’s horrible to imagine the plastics being non-decomposable overwhelming our planet and thus, we should immediately start to make efforts on individual bases.

Who should implement a green lifestyle?

When it starts from an individual base, it involves every individual of a house including kids, elders, and even the babies! Doubting on what you read? No, it’s actually true!

Starting from an individual base generally means an individual, but it shortly involves a whole five-person family. Eventually, then proceeds to neighbours, friends, relatives, and goes to become appreciated in a whole community, which was initially started just from an individual. This way, the efforts of an individual turn into huge considerable efforts.

Out of the five-person family, adults can use a lot of reusable or recycled stuff like biodegradable phone cases or a bamboo laptop stand, besides other ecofriendly green products. Kids can enjoy a 3D wooden puzzle or something interesting, like a wind energy learner’s kit. Babies can also contribute to saving their planet by playing with small sand hammers made from wood, instead of using plastic toys. You can also buy a bamboo toothbrush or other eco-friendly stuff like a bamboo walking stick for your granny and grandpa.

What are the ways to implement a green lifestyle in daily life?

Many of you might wonder how exactly you would implement an eco-friendly lifestyle daily, so here is an eco-friendly living guide for you. To keep things simple, keep three major rules in your mind!

  1. Apply the word “natural” to everything associated with you.
  2. Buy that stuff that could easily be decomposed or buy those which could be reused for a long time, not the disposable ones. Also, recycle them further as much as you can.
  3. Save the natural resources used in daily routine like electricity, water, oil, or gas from being wasted.
  • Buying the natural version of stuff would save your money as you will get things from natural resources at cheap rates.


Chewing gums are not eco-friendly, they might affect our environment being non-biodegradable. So, try chewing natural gum harvested from the palm tree.

  • Avoid buying things made from plastic as plastic takes 450 years to decompose. The more you use disposable stuff, the more would be the waste on the planet. So, try using reusable stuff so they would live a long life. Furthermore, recycle that stuff to make a new thing so that they won’t end into a waste product.


Instead of using a normal body care tools kit, use a wooden body care kit. Instead of buying new books for your kids, provide them with used ones. Instead of placing paper rolls on the washbasin, hang a reusable towel over there.

  • Do not waste water, electricity, or gas as many countries have been facing water scarcity and electricity shortage around the world.


Switch off the lights on leaving the rooms and do most of your work using the natural light during daytime. You can also buy solar panels for your house to provide you free electricity. Besides this, buy a sensor tap for your washbasin, as this would help you save water.


Ways to be ecofriendly during Covid-19:

Those who implement an ecofriendly lifestyle, keep following their green lifestyle even when situations get tough, just like this pandemic. In fact, this pandemic provided many individuals a mindset of a green lifestyle, as it was itself a practical experience of how things could destruct our planet or how intolerable the situations could be if we don’t pay attention to what we are doing unintentionally.

Here are some eco-friendly lifestyle ideas to be implemented during the lockdown of this pandemic:

Green Tips for Sanitiser:

Sanitiser used to kill germs usually comes up in plastic pump bottles whose excess use and average size would make you buy it nowadays, every so often. To avoid buying these plastic bottles so often, you can buy a sanitiser machine or a dispenser only once and can easily use it peacefully by just buying the refill for it.

Also, you can make hand sanitiser easily on your own if you possess essential chemicals at your home, by following this recipe:

  • Take a bowl, a spoon, a funnel, and a pump bottle.
  • Add 1-part Aloe Vera Gel, 2 Parts Iso-Propyl (ethanol) or rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of any essential oil in the bowl.
  • Take a wooden spoon and mix the ingredients.
  • Pour the mixture into the bottle using the funnel.
  • Sanitise your hands, it’s totally safe!

Green Tips for Masks:

To avoid the spread of corona-virus, you might have seen a variety of masks until now. That variety includes cloth masks, surgical masks, N95 masks, DIY masks, designed & colourful masks, and masks from renowned brands like Adidas. Out of which, the disposable surgical masks are found to be non-recyclable or non-biodegradable. Using cloth masks can be so convenient as they are easily washable, and so reusable.

Here is how you can make a DIY mask to stop the spread of corona-virus:

  1. Take 3-4 9.5 x 7.5 inches pieces of fabric with a good pattern (thick enough that blocks the sunlight rays).
  2. Make 3-4 pleats and use the pins to hold & mark them.
  3. Using a sewing machine, sew the pleats vertically on the right & left sides.
  4. Fold the right and left sides twice towards the inside in a way that elastic can easily pass through them.
  5. Sew the folded parts on both sides, vertically.
  6. Take a couple of 12-inch elastics and tie each with a safety pin, pass the safety pins through the folded parts on right and left sides.
  7. Unlock the safety pin and take it back.
  8. Tie the two knots of both elastics on each side cutting the left parts out.
  9. It’s ready to wear! However, you can make a DIY mask with filter and nose wire too following this tutorial!

Green Tips for Gloves:

Gloves are generally not recommended to use during this pandemic as they spread the false feeling of being protected. The gloves are the same as hands as they catch germs on getting touched with any surface, but unlike hands, they can’t even be washed & sanitised the same way you wash & sanitise your hands so often.

However, you can use it for a certain period of time by throwing it off after using it but, this can be harmful to our environment. Latex gloves are found to be non-recyclable or non-biodegradable, nevertheless, Nitrile gloves are found totally recyclable and ecofriendly to use. You can use reusable rubber-gloves too by washing them after every use.

Green Tips for Grocery:

Going out for groceries holding a bucket like a plastic bag would affect all the efforts you made to get eco-friendly gloves and masks during this pandemic. Buy paper bags to get groceries or you can also have cloth bags from any nearby shop. Paper bags seem like disposable ones however, cloth bags are washable and could be used for a long time. Both are perfect to avoid germs nowadays, besides being eco-friendly! (You can find 100% organic cotton biodegradable reusable bags online too.)

Moreover, being stuck in quarantine, you can grow a vegetable garden in your house too. Growing a green garden with your kids and family to make your house a bit green is worth it, during this lockdown.

You will also get the advantage of not stepping out during Covid-19 on getting ready-made vegetables in your own garden!

Besides that, instead of ordering food from restaurants, avail yourself of this pandemic time to improve your cooking skills and enjoy cooking with your family at home. This will not only save you from corona-virus germs but will also help you avoid getting the plastic food packaging boxes, supplied by restaurants.

Green Tips for washing hands:

During Covid-19, the only two things we can do to get rid of germs are, sanitising and washing hands using soap. The use of this soap has unexpectedly increased to a great extent in the previous days. A suggestion from UK Researchers says that we might need to wash hands 6-10 times a day, each time for 20 seconds in warm water to stay safe from this virus.

But what about the plastic-pollution if we go to buy liquid hand-soap bottles every so often?

To avoid plastic pollution, you can have a soap dispenser in your washroom and would just need to buy a refill every time your soap reaches the finishing line. Besides that, another option to get soap without plastic containers is to buy soap bars. You can easily buy soap bars in bulk for a month from any nearby shop.

Moreover, don’t forget to turn off the tap when you start rubbing your hands for 20 seconds!


Working from home during Covid-19:

This time of pandemic illustrates a real image of the global village when the entire world business got to be dependent on internet connection and gadgets like laptop & phone. The work that used to be done in working rooms of 76 feet long buildings, now can be done sitting on a bed having a laptop on the lap. However, we never assumed that this could ever happen.

Businessmen/women are expected to be more aware of worth living lifestyles and so you are. If you are one of those who are managing their office work or business from home during this pandemic, then availing this opportunity, use eco-friendly products as much as you can while working.

Get some ideas here too!


Portable bamboo laptop stand:

You can contribute to planet-saving while online working too if you buy a bamboo laptop table instead of a plastic one. Stuff made from wood has always been environment friendly. You can easily get a folding laptop bamboo table for your laptop notebook from our online store. This wooden laptop stand is designed so adorably that it could benefit from two laptop cooling fans on the beneath side of the table with a wire, which can be connected with the laptop. Besides that, this small-sized laptop table possesses a 17 cm extra part so that you can place a glass of water or your morning coffee over there. Moreover, a small drawer is also there just under that coffee-placing part, so that you can keep your important mini stuff like USB or SD cards inside.

Eco-friendly Notebooks:

While working, you are likely to require a notebook to pen down key points or important information. Although notebooks are decomposable because of being made from wood and we can easily buy them, but what about the products made by recycling waste products? Who will be purchasing them?

Recycled paper notebooks are one of those major products made by recycling the wastes and using recycled stuff would be a great contribution to planet-saving. Besides that, you can also make a recycled pen holder for your table!

LED Laptop Light:

Another eco-friendly product for your mid-night online working is an LED laptop light. Led lights are considered more convenient as they are designed in a way in which fewer amounts of light gets to be wasted as heat, as compared to other fluorescent lights. This 16.8 cm light is so simple & convenient that it's one end has a USB output to be connected to the laptop, and the other end has the LED light to help you type at the same speed even when you work in the dark. Connect this light with your laptop and work easily while staying up at night being quarantined.

Safe options for kids’ school lunch:

To keep our kids safe from the virus, we are letting them go school wearing masks following the social distancing strategy, as this would help us to stay away from corona-virus. But what about other global issues that we might face in the upcoming decades?

The use of reusable environment-friendly products is not just limited to home but, every single thing we and our kids are linked to, even what our kids take to their school along themselves.

Kraft Paper Bags:

Instead of buying a large pack of plastic containers to pack school lunch, get a bundle of Kraft paper bags for your kids for their lunch. These bags despite being made from paper are completely suitable for oily and greasy food like burgers or French fries. You can find a 50-pack of Kraft paper bags at our online store at a very reasonable price. These bags do not only serve as Kraft paper bags for school lunch but also as Kraft paper gift bags for weddings or parties.

Eco-friendly Water Bottles:

Another main thing your child takes to school is the water bottle. Choose to buy out of the varieties like bamboo water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, glass water bottles or vacuum insulated water bottles, and change it too to the eco-friendly version. These bottles are reusable washable and can be used regularly at school. Out of them, eco-friendly stainless-steel water bottles are generally what most of the children use, as unlike glass bottles; there is no risk of breaking down.


Bamboo Cutlery Sets:

Buying school lunch is strictly prohibited during this pandemic as this might spread germs. This will also make the use of disposable plastic containers fewer all around the world and might be making our Earth heal.

But taking home-lunch packed in plastic containers along with plastic cutlery might be the same as what the seller does at the school canteen. To make your kid’s lunch ecofriendly, pack the food in paper boxes, and provide reusable bamboo forks, spoons, and plates along with them. You can find disposable wooden cutlery sets and reusable bamboo cutlery set for your kids at our online store. The cutlery set of wooden disposable forks, spoons, and knives up to 100 pieces of each of them.

Besides these, you can find Reusable Bamboo Spoons Set at our store too. These eco-friendly reusable and disposable utensils are so convenient besides being a part of the green lifestyle.

Biodegradable drinking straws:

Straws make up a huge amount of plastic-waste because of being used in great numbers every day all around the world. Straws, however, seem like something small to be noticed while proceeding with an eco-friendly lifestyle but, replacing its huge amount used every day with biodegradable straws would bring a great change to the ratio of plastic-waste globally.

If you are still wondering that “are biodegradable straws better for the environment” then let me explain it:

The major difference between biodegradable straws and plastic ones is their decomposing period. Those made with plastic might decompose after 450 years, while the biodegradable one decomposes within approx. 180 days. Besides that, biodegradable straws are from cheap and renewable resources like wheat, bamboo, or corn, which are convenient for all of us. Find a pack of 100 straws at our online store at a very affordable price.


Keep Kids Busy during Lockdown and Tier-based Restrictions:

Lockdown, something that has not happened before in our kids’ life was something so challenging to face. The kids and individuals habitual of stepping out daily cannot easily bear being just in-between the four walls. Here are some interesting eco-friendly products for kids so that they would spend their quarantine peacefully. You can find them easily at our online store.

3D wooden puzzle for kids:

An eco-friendly game that seems interesting to both children and adults is the 3D wooden puzzle kit. Buy these as eco-friendly gifts for your kids from our online store to utilise the quarantined time during this pandemic in a much better way. Choose your favourite object as you will find many different puzzling objects in our store like 3D wooden puzzle airship, hot air balloon, pumpkin cart, solar-powered moon buggy, solar-powered discovery rover, etc. You can also place these assembled pieces as showpieces in your house after giving a painting touch.

Wind Energy Learner’s Kit for Kids:

Wind energy learner’s kit is another great option to make kids learn something new when schools shut down during the peak of this pandemic. This kit enables the children to understand how electricity can be produced with the help of natural energies like the wind. This micro wind turbine generator kit illustrates the working process of a wind turbine and represents its mini module.

Get one at a reasonable price from our store and make your kid’s quarantined-time worth spent!

Kids Mini Solar Powered Toy Car:

Another renewable energy educational gadget for small children out of eco-friendly toys in our store is a solar-powered toy car. This educational solar-powered toy possesses a solar panel on its top which, on getting the sunlight rays, makes the car move and run. This car, lacking any sort of battery, moves until it gets sunlight and stops on reaching the shade and hence, is quite enjoying the game for the little ones besides being ecofriendly.

Buy this smallest solar powered mini toy car at a very affordable price from our store!

DIY Craft with Eco-friendly Materials:

While spending time with your family during the lockdown, you can make unique DIY crafts with eco-friendly materials. There are a bunch of eco-friendly craft ideas for adults and kids to keep them engaged during the quarantine period. Here, I’ll provide some interesting and unique ideas of making DIY crafts with domestic wastes of our house like egg boxes or milk bottles, as they are easily approachable besides being eco-friendly.

Cut and Paint 1 egg-placing part out of six of your used supermarket egg-box. Stick a couple of pipe cleaners at the top to make antennas. At last, stick two googly eyes and a craft snail for your little one is ready!

Moreover, you can also make a series of buildings through milk bottles using eco-friendly craft materials and collect memories of this time!

Worth spending time with kids during lockdown:

The things that never happened in a busy professional-life routine should now be done making this time utilised perfectly. Enjoy time with your family as much as you can by decorating specific house parts, painting, gardening, and doing other similar interesting works along with them.


LED Pool Lights:

To enjoy parties with your family being at home during this pandemic, make your backyard part a party-place by installing a colour-changing swimming pool under-water led lights. You can buy these LED lights online without stepping out during Covid-19 from our online store.

Now you might be wondering 'Are LED pool lights environment friendly?', and the answer to this is a big YES!

These lights are solar-powered and thus, are too environment friendly. You can enjoy a disco sort of party installing this, as it changes into 7 different colours. Just switch the button ON and place LED light balls under the sun to absorb its rays during the daytime. At night, let these balls change and show different colours, float on water, and enjoy an energetic party with your family being at home by giving your backyard a real party atmosphere, during this pandemic!

Biodegradable Grow Bags:

Another great option to make the lockdown time worth-spent is to engage time in the plantation. This seems like the best part of an eco-friendly lifestyle as the greener the earth will be, the healthier it will be.

Biodegradable grow bags are worth using while planting as it keeps the garden clean and tidy beside increasing the rate of plant’s growth. These biodegradable non-woven nursery bags are not removed while transplanting and make the seeds and roots grow widely in a shorter period of time. Get a 100-pieces pack from our online store now!

Composting Bin:

If you are an adult who loves activities like making household goods using different tools on his own, then building a composting bin during lockdown would be a perfect idea. Having indoor compost bins in every house could be a great favour to our planet as the organic waste materials of each house get to be decomposed automatically through the house’s own composting bins, without being a burden to the government.

Just follow these simple steps and make one at your home too, during this pandemic:

  1. Take a large container with an airtight lid.
  2. Make a layer of organic waste inside it.
  3. Make another layer of dirt over it.
  4. Again, make a layer of organic wastes.
  5. Make average-sized holes on the lid to put inside the organic waste through it for the next time.
  6. After a brief period of time, you’ll find your kitchen scraps, leaves, or other composts inside the container turned into fertilisers, which are used to grow plants healthier.

Make one with your family during this lockdown!

You might be thinking how implementing green life by a single person could change and heal our planet, so here are some tips to make others encouraged too for this:

  • Provide eco-friendly gifts to your friends, family, and kids to make them aware of this lifestyle.
  • Availing the use of social media, create awareness about green life by making YouTube videos. • Share an awareness post about how piles of plastics are polluting our oceans and landscapes with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Creating speeches or arranging seminars in your colleges can also be a way to spread awareness of the green lifestyle.

Buy all sorts of eco-friendly gifts and household products from our online at a very affordable price with Free-Delivery! Not only this, get a side-wide 10% discount with a discount code of “AAU10” while checking out too. Buy a variety of time-engaging eco-friendly stuff to make your time well-spent during this pandemic!

About the Author:
Wajiha Imtiaz is a Nature Enthusiast and loves to promote Green Living.

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